«The hope for the faraway partners and the disregard for the partners which are close by is a wrong policy to choose», – the Deputy of Ukraine Svyatoslav Yurash

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First, I want to thank very much to the organizers putting this all together. And the fact that we all assemble here shows our understanding that our mission is to find closer ties between each other realizing the threats all around. For us — the new parliament of Ukraine — it is very clear that complete hope for the faraway partners and the disregard for the partners which are close by is a wrong policy to choose. We have seen very much in the last five years, since the war began how that policy backfires.

Hence, we come back to the ideas of unity in the region. That is the unity in the region as historic ties and many achievements in that history, the joint history together. And essentially we would like to work on rebirthing the idea of Intermedium, or Międzymorze, or Mizhmorya let’s say it in Ukrainian. And actually we will be announcing in the upcoming weeks the Ukrainian Сaucus on Intermarium, joining in different political factions of those who would like us to unite with other partners than Russia. And this is basically our statement of support for the initiatives we have launched like «Lublin Trio», which ties together Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. But we hope to go far beyond that.

And I am very glad to see here our partners from Romania, understanding that our countries (and the ones from the Eastern European block) have joint and very sad history together, as well as many threats that we face. But not just from the external impetuous countries such as Russia, but we also face the issues and ideas that disregard with the values that we have developed and that made us the nations that we are.

And we would like to see the unity not just on the pragmatic and obvious issues of security and economy, but also on the matters of values, because our countries have so much to tell each other. We have to try and maintain, and preserve ourselves no matter what threats are presented to us.

So, I’m thankful to everybody here for finding the time to join together in this conversation and to try and forge the joint path in the future.

Svyatoslav Yurash, the Deputy of Ukraine, Member of the Committee on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation

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