Reacting to Putin-friendly Carnegie’s on Mr. Saakashvili appointment to Odessa

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See the excerpt below (full link to the story by Moscow Carnegie Center newsline follows). What’s your take on Saakashvili appointment? How’s the non-Kiev media covering this?

«Commentators are also speculating on what this will mean for Transnistria, the pro-Russian enclave de facto separate from Moldova and 100km to the north of Odessa.

Bordering only Moldova and Ukraine, Transnistria has been squeezed over the last year. On May 21 the parliament in Kiev revoked the permission of the Russian military to transit Ukrainian territory to get there. Almost all the territory’s imports, both legal and illegal, come via Odessa. Transnistrian officials now say they are under a “blockade” and have appealed to Moscow for help.

In February Saakashvili went on the record to assert that Russia wanted to punch a land corridor from Odessa to Transnistria so as to destroy Ukraine. Any prospect of an operation to squeeze Transnistria will bring back bad memories of South Ossetia in 2004 when what began as a Georgian-government anti-smuggling operation led to a summer of bloodshed, setting the stage for the subsequent conflict of 2008.»

OK, I’ll try to be ‘laconic’ on that one.

  1. Mr. Saakashvili appointment has nothing particular to do to with Russia or Transnistria, however much Soviet/Russian intelligence officer Dmitri Trenin, now in the lead of Moscow Carnegie Center (hello, Democrats!) could wish anything like that.
  2. Definitely, Ukraine has changed its legislation on Russian military passage to Transnistria for reasons pathetic at time of war. There is no specific relation between the above and the blockade (which is simply law enforcement on its own), there cannot be done anything worse to the economic coarpse of Transnistria, while Moscow officially refuses to incorporate it for last two years or so.
  3. Saakashvili appointment is twofold — Odessa region is by far the most corrupt in the country — one, and President Poroshenko PR-move on his 1st anniversary in the position — two. He has simply done something what the public expected him to do. Gov. Saakashvili, on his part, declared that he has his hands free to act to clean the region up and to throw the local marina-centered Mob out, but he will continue as a Georgian politician in some time soon.
  1. Well, all of the above doesn’t mean, that Tiraspol is not a problem, and many expect it to serve a base for FSB to organize a skirmish, say, in bordertown of Kotovsk in Odessa region. However, seems like Tiraspol is facing its own problems to come:
  2. And that is a turmoil in the Northern part of Transnistria (the text through the link is in Russian and very fresh — I myself , btw, have spent lots of time in Chisinau those days), where business elites discuss chopping away from Tiraspol and forming their own non-recognized state with its center in PMR 2nd largest town of Rynbnitza, a ‘Free Dniester Republic», open to dialogue with Chisinau, Brussels and Kyiv.

Sincerely, Maksym Mykhaylenko, Dr.H.C., M.A.I.S.

Макс МихайленкоNEWSSKY Magazine Editor-in-Chief

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