Ondrej Soukup: there is some common sense that these countries should stand together

10.07.2024 0 By Writer.NS

Ondrej Soukup

Recently, we often hear the expression «collective West».What kind of beast is this? Does it exist? Ondrej Soukup, a journalist for Czech Radio in Prague, , shared his opinion with the Newssky correspondent.

Of course, the so-called Collective West is a heterogeneous group of states, but with all that, I would say that something similar exists. This association is primarily based on the sharing of common values, such as law and order, democratic procedures, human rights, and a free market economy.

All these things make the West unique.

And, of course, some countries have become beneficiaries of the so-called peace dividend after the Cold War.

There was a certain understanding that the number of countries called the West is quite small compared to the countries that are members of the UN (which includes not only Western and democratic states). It is twice as much in total. So, there is some common sense that these countries should stand together.

«Ковальчук»Maryna Kovalchuk, deputy editor-in-chief (Central Europe and Canada) and head of the V5 Media project contributed.


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